Sunday, November 8, 2009


This weekend began in typical mellow fashion. Some shopping, lazing around, housework, school work, quiet dinners and a few friends. Because of the activities of weekends recently passed, there are some of us who have sworn off drinking for the month of November. Well, not drinking.. just the getting black out drunk and belligerent to the point of obnoxious aspect that comes so easily. Naturally, this oath lasted less than a full week. 
Friday night began with a quiet dinner with my wonderful friend DonRose. We enjoyed ourselves, but DonRose had to call it an early night because of work early in the a.m. I headed to Scales place to continue the laid back fun. We had a few laughs, headed out to see some old friends and new friends and a dive bar and went home fairly early. 
Saturday was a true gem. DonRose and I relaxed with a few glasses of red wine and empty bellies. Soon we were full of giggles and excited for a night of craziness. After meeting Mixology on the side of a busy road, we trekked (by taxi, obviously) to a nearby watering hole, a pit of despair if you will. 
This particular spot will never disappoint those with a wide variety of thirsts. The cheap, the lonely, the girl on the prowl. It never ceases to amaze one how so many individuals can find solace in a small, dimly lit and might I add, legendary, basement. The music can soothe and heal, the drinks flow freely and cheaply and, like Cheers, is always full of those who know your name (most likely not because of actual friendship but through Facebook 'lurking').
After some doubles the DonRose and I hit the dancefloor with a few of our local girlfriends. There were hairpieces whipping around to the beat, sweat pouring off the people shoved against you in the crowd, drinks spilling from five or six nearby cups onto every surface of clothing. 
Following a rather hazy exit, DonRose and I managed to make ourselves quite a few acquaintances and, dare I say, new friends, along the walk home. There was rude fake British guy and the identical twins, who were all rather lackluster in terms of drunken conversation so we forged on. We soon met Polo, Imposter AA and Younglove who provided us with wonderful conversation, many lies regarding age and laughs aplenty. DonRose and I found these young bucks endearing and promised to help them in their quests for love (or something like it). Younglove followed us down the street like a lost little pooch, hoping to try his hand at a girl he knew was leaving a nearby bar. Following our advice, Younglove was able to score some quality conversation with the girl of his choice. After patiently waiting for this new strange girl to urinate in tandem with us in a parking lot behind a comic book store, Youngblood and his princess walked off together, arm in arm. A text this morning assured DonRose and I that we were successful in arranging the match and have been invited to the future wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Younglove.
We continued our walk home down the quiet streets to my apartment where we indulged ourselves with a much needed, very late dinner of grilled cheese. After which, DonRose and I fell into a peaceful slumber, putting an end to yet another fantastic weekend in University Town, On.